19.11.2017 A new CD issue - Some of Mine has material from 2011 on - an Mp3 of one track, Footsteps, is here (below) along with John Every's lovely video of another, Miranda and the Voyager. £5 to buy one. Two more tracks - Ceasefire and Cecelia (The Lady with the Ermine) on my Soundcloud page.
Enquiries by way of the contact form.
17.11.2017 Some 1970's material (recovered from tape)released on a new vinyl album, The Manchester Tapes, limited edition,and sold out but CD to follow. Three songs (Mp3) from this below.
Also available, the vinyl re-issue of my 1976 album The Beggar and the Sand. One only remaining at £55.00.
31.08.2017 Vinyl and CD purchases have raised over £1300 for various good causes - thank you!
01.07.2017 Another new vinyl- First Take has my earliest pre-1970 material. Big thanks to the people who have encouraged me to go all the way back to my songwriting beginnings. 
12.03.2017 I have produced a new vinyl LP, The Mersey Tapes. Thank you to One Cut Vinyl for doing an excellent job on this. 

All I See is You.mp3

One Day at a Time.mp3

Magic Carpet.mp3


 Welcome to the Atkinsongs                 website!

On this Home Page you will find   MP3 files of some of my songs and,  below, information about them. Click the StoryPage link for a brief  history and lead sheets with chord  symbols in pdf format. Click the Buy Page link for news  about  CD sales and the 'good  causes' they support. Alternatively, navigation links are at the top of each page.
The video takes a little while to start - be patient, it's worth it.
More of my songs can be heard on my Soundcloud page, including 
Cecelia and the Ermine and Ceasefire which are on the forthcoming
Some of Mine CD.
All songs ©Dave Atkinson. Copyright held at Copyright House.

"It's the best folk/SSW album (First Take) I've heard in along time. I'm so happy to have this album!!! The price was expensive but the pressing is top notch (it's rarely the case nowadays). It is worth every penny".

"I bought one, and I'm hooked". 

"Great work Dave, I will continue play and enjoy it for many months".

“Your music was the perfect soundtrack for a long drive to Scotland”.

“It's a very beautiful album. I love your style, your bittersweet songs, how melodies accompany your singing, the images that the  lyrics evoke. I'm so glad I discovered your music”.  (The Beggar and the Sand)

"We listen to melodic folklore outpourings, which are very intimate and lyrical. I, here, under them effectively sank" (The Beggar and the Sand)