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The Beggar and the Sand is on Spotify! You can hear the whole of the original album plus some 'out-takes' and some more recent covers. Just click on the Spotify link and it's all there. 
Currently I am working with other Chester Songwriters to produce a compilation album. Lots of splendid and richly varied contributions. It is expected that the CD album will be launched in September 2018.
£100 donated today to 
Music Action International
bringing our donations total to £1480.
£700 donated today to the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity.  Specifically, £500 has gone to supporting investment in Robotics surgery and £200 to supporting Atrial Fibrillation research.

THANK YOU you to everyone
who helps by buying my music on CD and vinyl and by giving me their original vinyl LPs.
Many thanks to the good people of Chester U3A for inviting me to 'present' at their monthly meeting.....a few songs and a
lot of chat plus more CDs sold to support the LHCH Charity.  
My 1976 album, The Beggar and the Sand, is now available at:  http://store.cdbaby.com/cd/daveatkinson
One only remaining of the vinyl re-issue, at £50. Enquiries through the contact form.

Atkinsongs is Fifty!

 The first Atkinsongs appeared in 1968, half a century ago. To mark the anniversary, I have added a song from 1968 and one from 2018. 
 It is clear which came from which year:)
More songs to listen to on Soundcloud.
 On this Home Page you will find a video and MP3 files of some of my songs plus news and reviews and information about the 'good causes' we support. Click the StoryPage link for a brief  history. Click the Buy Page for sales. 


Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity
Caring for people with heart and lung disease.
Music Action International
Music Action International are people from across the world using the power of creativity to overcome the effects and causes of war, torture and armed conflict. 
Disasters Emergency Committee
DEC only appeal when they know they can help, bringing together 13 UK aid charities in times of crisis. 
Manchester University
Giving a gifted young person the chance to reach their full potential – and become another Manchester student with world changing ambitions. (I was one once, 50 years ago).
The video takes a little while to start - please be patient, it's worth it.
More of my songs can be heard on my Soundcloud page, including 
Cecelia and the Ermine and Ceasefire which are on the Some of Mine CD.
All songs ©Dave Atkinson. Copyright held at Copyright House.

"It's the best folk/SSW album (First Take) I've heard in along time. I'm so happy to have this album!!! The price was expensive but the pressing is top notch (it's rarely the case nowadays). It is worth every penny".

"I bought one, and I'm hooked".  (The Beggar and the Sand)

"Great work Dave, I will continue play and enjoy it for many months".

“Your music was the perfect soundtrack for a long drive to Scotland”.

“It's a very beautiful album. I love your style, your bittersweet songs, how melodies accompany your singing, the images that the  lyrics evoke. I'm so glad I discovered your music”. (The Beggar and the Sand)

"We listen to melodic folklore outpourings, which are very intimate and lyrical. I, here, under them effectively sank". (The Beggar and the Sand)

"The essential is there: songs that go right to the heart......he has taken particular care to scribble the history of each song, their date of genesis.....we measure the long path travelled to arrive at this secret and intimate realisation". (The Beggar and the Sand)